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Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death

by Oxygen Destroyer

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Awakened by the ravages of the hydrogen bomb A God incarnate brimming with unspeakable hatred Thermonuclear energy coursing through his veins Transmogrified by the arrogance of humankind Spewing forth the fires of atomic radiation Slaughtering countless waves of innocent civilians Petrified families burn in agony beneath his breath Cleansed by the flames of Hiroshima City remnants lie shrouded in darkness Desecrated by the immortal deity of ruination Survivors of the massacre weep with sorrow and despair Cradling the scorched cadavers of their butchered sons and daughters ( Leads: Walker) City remnants lie shrouded in darkness Desecrated by the immortal deity of ruination Deities of the apocalypse shall arise
Dwelling within the sea since the dawn of time Ancient crustaceans awaken from their dormancy Chemical pollution rejuvenating the horde Merciless abnormalities seeking to deprive the Earth of life Swarming with detestation across the feeble world Relentless aberrations birthing the embodiment of depravity Tearing through the throat of the infant beast Laughing as the child chokes on his own blood Sensing a disturbance. the God Incarnate rises Unfathomable rage overwhelming his mind Spiral rays ignite the battleground, desecrating Tokyo's remains Defenseless, the demon falls to his knees Vomiting floods of gore
Bio-Genetically altered by the sickening effects of radiation A photosynthetic entity consumed with everlasting detestation Spear-like tendrils lashing out as acid guts spew from its jaws Wretched roots of death sprouting forth Raping the soils of Earth Subsumed within the bowels of the perennial monstrosity ( Leads: Farrow) Subsumed within the bowels of the perennial monstrosity ( Leads: Walker)
Day turns to night as smoke engulfs the sky Conjured by the flames of the God Incarnate Laughing with contentment at the sight of dying victims Cries of death fill the air Gathered amongst the ancient altar Tribal cults pray in desperation Beckoning to their sacred deity A hallowed conservator of the human race Ascending from the caverns of her holy shinre A creature of enlightenment sworn to abolish the bringers of desolation Clouds of pulverous scales descending from her wings Blistering bolts of energy weakening the wretched behemoth of death ( Leads: Farrow) Grasped within her talons, the tyrant beast subdued Screeching with anger as he's sealed beneath the ocean depths
Conceived within the darkness of the mystifying universe An interstellar entity transcending the cosmos Brimming with malevolence, hatred undefined A savage aberration seeking to eradicate mankind Grinning with malice and deceit As he soars across the solar system Constructing his crystallized fortress through telekinetic mastery Incomprehensible energy channeled from within the planetary core (Leads: Walker) Grinning with malice and deceit As he soars across the solar system
Putrefied embodiment of death A festering carcass brimming with animosity Bionic tendrils pierce the decomposed flesh Rejuvenating the beast through cybernetic necromancy Blasphemous aspirations for rebirth Souls of the dead shall roam the earth Augmented beyond recognition Eternal synthetic damnation Morbid recollections of the past Infiltrate the artificial cerebrum Releasing the mechanical aberration From the clutches of human scum Blasphemous aspirations for rebirth Souls of the dead shall roam the earth
Primordial creatures arise from the depths of oblivion Bolstered by the horrors of thermonuclear radiation Blistering through the skies as they feast upon humankind Cities lie in ruin, destruction redefined Mutilated carcasses clutched within their talons Everything will be devoured by the winged aberrations
Wretched pretender, feeble aggressor Shunned throughout history Tonight Ill ensure your demise for defiling my legacy Grasping your throat as I cringe in disgust at your meaningless existence I knew that tuna eating monster wasn't up to much
Conjured by the Atom Bomb, hate encompassing deity Destined to ensure the extinction of humanity Infiltrating Tokyo, death is overflowing Dorsal plates upon his back ominously glowing Jaws opened wide, searing rays unleashed Innocent woman and children completely vaporized Countless suffering victims devoured by the flames Consistently enduring the perpetual detestation of the beast (Leads: Walker) Ashes of the dead litter the ground, scorched by atomic breath Radioactivity intensifying rapidly as the sacred beast of the apocalypse brings forth death



released April 5, 2018

Lord Kaiju - Guitar, Vocals
Joey Walker - Guitar
Ben Williams - Bass
Chris Craven - Drums

Recorded at The Metalsmiths
Mixed and Mastered by Cody J. Brumlow
Artwork by Necromogarip


all rights reserved



Oxygen Destroyer Seattle, Washington

Brutal Thrashing Kaiju Metal


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